Merci pour les quelques minutes consacrées à remplir cette enquête en ligne. Les résultats seront présentés lors du petit-déjeuner "Gérez vos données comme un capital stratégique" le mercredi 22 mai 2013 à 8h30 et vous seront communiqués par email au cas où vous ne pourriez pas pu y participer.


Cette enquête étant menée à l'échelon européen ; les résultats seront comparés entre les pays.

1. First Name

2. Last Name

3. Company

4. Job Function

5. E-mail

6. What is the status of data governance in your organization?

We’re researching it
We’re planning
We’re in early stages of rollout
We have an active data governance program in place
Not considering
Don’t know
No answer

7. Who is responsible for driving data governance within your organization?

Head/Senior Manager of IT
Head/Senior Manager of Finance
Chief Executive
Dedicated Data Governance Committee
Head of Operational Risk and Compliance
Each department is responsible for their own data governance
Don’t Know
No answer

8. What do you believe to be the most significant barrier to establishing a formal data governance strategy? (Pick five) (Required.)

Considered too complex
Not seen as important by senior management
Lack of resources (staff, IT, etc)
Too hard to prove the business case
Don’t know

9. What do you believe to be the drivers-benefits of a formal data governance strategy to your organisation? (please tick all that apply) (Pick all that apply) (Required.)

Improving decision-making
Ensuring compliance with industry regulation
Improving operational efficiency
Driving revenue
Supporting implementation of a big data project
None of the above

10. Please provide a rating of importance to the following Data Management strategies (1: not, 2:low, 3:medium or 4:high)

10a. Customer Experience

Not Low Medium High No answer

10b. Single Product View

Not Low Medium High No answer

10c. Vendor Management

Not Low Medium High No answer

10d. Support of strategic initiatives

Not Low Medium High No answer

10e. Process automation

Not Low Medium High No answer

10f. Organizational alignment-mergers and acquisitions

Not Low Medium High No answer

10g. Corporate management and planning

Not Low Medium High No answer

10h. Other – please specify

11. Is your organization implementing a big data project? (Pick all that apply) (Required.)

We’re researching big data
We’re educating executives
We have a project that would be a good candidate
We’re implementing a proof-of-concept
We’re acquiring the skills
We’re in production
Big data is not a need at this time
Don’t know

12. What is the greatest challenge you have encountered/expect to encounter when trying to govern big data?

The increased speed of data creation
The increase in unstructured data
Complexity of the data
Lack of relevant skills
Data arriving from sources external to the organisation
Don’t know
No answer

13. How "are/do you expect" big data projects to be run at your company?

Limited to a small team of very technical people
Integrated into traditional data management and analytical operations
Established as a unique business function in its own right
Don’t know
No answer

14. What specific challenges and questions do you have on these topics that we can answer in our business briefing?